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Beat the Street ROI Calculator

You're the CEO. You call the shots.

As the chief decision maker and business owner, you get to decide how to grow your company. When your company generates a profit, where does it go? Into your personal bank account? Into Wall Street?

Small business owners all over the country are outperforming Wall Street by as much as 1000%. That’s not an exaggeration. They’re building their personal wealth, creating jobs, and potentially restabilizing the economy—by reinvesting in their own businesses.

Invest in yourself—not Wall Street.

If you’re the CEO, you obviously believe in your company, your product, and yourself. So why would you invest in anything else?

Many CEOs are unsure how much they need to invest in marketing. Some view marketing as an expense—but it isn’t. It’s the way to feed your sales pipeline and keep your business growing. If you underinvest, you’ll never grow. It’s that simple.

The biggest problem is measurement. Most CEOs have no idea how to gauge how much their marketing investment is paying off (or even whether it is paying off). They don’t know how much a sale is really worth or how valuable—in real numbers—their customers are. Most are grossly underinvesting in their companies and then wondering why they remain, year after year, stuck at the same volume of sales and the same profits. That’s where the Beat The Street ROI Calculator comes in.

It’s the tool that lets you Beat The Street.

Our ROI Calculator shows you exactly how much you should be investing in your company in order to grow your sales at a predictable volume. It’s a precise, math-based tool that uses your existing sales volumes, margins, marketing budgets, and other data to generate exact numbers that you can use to guide your reinvestment for growth.

How it works:

After you plug in your information, our calculator applies expected conversion rates based on B2B best practices research for how sales funnels perform – see the full research by Marketing Sherpa. (If you can’t fill in all of the input fields, you need to get more knowledgeable about your business—and we can help you with that.)


  • How many years it will take you as the CEO and 100% shareholder to build up  $1 Million in profit from your investment in marketing and sales
  • Whether you are under-spending on marketing based on your average deal size and margins
  • How your existing marketing budget might not be driving inquiries into the top of your sales funnel
  • How your conversion rates (from inquiry to lead to valid business opportunity to sale) stack up against best practices
  • Why marketing is not an expense but a mathematically provable investment if you have visibility across your entire marketing and sales operations from “dollars in” to “dollars out”

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