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The Map it Now Session


Most CEO’s of small businesses under $50 million that sell complex and expensive products and services in a business-to-business setting can’t see or measure their investments in marketing, so they waste thousands of dollars every year in programs with no sales performance to show for it.

The Map it Now Session is a great way to analyze your existing sales and marketing functions and learn how to make significant improvements through better processes and strategic thinking.

Target Audience

CEOs, Presidents and Owners of business-to-business companies selling complex and expensive products and services. If you are struggling to take control of your company’s internal communications problems, obtain more measurement from the marketing and sales functions to drive performance, or create a more intimate relationship with your customers then this presentation will be invaluable to you.

  • You are the CEO, President, or Owner of a privately-held business-to-business company
  • Your organization relies on word of mouth or personal contacts as the top source of new business
  • Your business suffers from feast and famine revenue fluctuations
  • You see marketing as a black box and want to understand how it should work for your business
  • You are looking for an easier way to get in front of more pre-qualified prospects more of the time
  • You wish that your sales process could be shortened or scaled
  • You feel that your sales force should be performing better than it is

What You Will Walk Away With

At the conclusion of your free Map it Now Session, you will receive:

  • A visual map of your existing sales process by function from start to finish
  • A list of identified bottlenecks in the process and areas for strategic improvement
  • An overlay map depicting the Desired State for your sales process
  • A prioritized list of next steps for you and your top management to address
  • An overview of the CEO Customer Gap Model and how it affects your selling environment

During the course of the Map it Now Session you will also be introduced to the hidden mechanics of B2B marketing, have your sales process-related questions answered by an expert advisor and discuss potential performance improvements based on actual case study examples.

You will gain immediate strategic insight for the CEO into how you can boost your sales by redesigning or rearranging your current sales process. Most importantly, the Map it Now Session is designed to provide true stand-alone value, with ideas and recommendations that you can implement yourself.

A Systematic Approach to Sales and Marketing Success

The Map it Now Session is a free 90 minute conference between you and a Performance Marketer from The Cornucopia Group. The session can be done in person or conducted remotely using online meeting tools and your telephone. The Session is designed to identify weaknesses in your sales process that, if corrected, could significantly improve the bottom line of your organization within the next 90 days. Completing the Map it Now Session will allow you to think about your sales process differently, from the needs of your customer to the promises of your sales team, your product and your market position.

You will be able to look at your sales problem from a holistic view of the entire sales process, which includes all marketing activities used to generate new business. There are many points where your sales process could be breaking down. Inspecting the source of your sales function through a systematic process is the best way to identify breakdowns and quickly improve your sales performance.

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