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Book a Performance Marketer from the Cornucopia Group to Speak at Your Next Sales & Marketing Event

Are you the Director of a peer group, club or association for C-level executives and looking to bring in expert speakers for educational presentations? The Cornucopia Group offers a number of high-impact, easy-to-follow presentations on the unique Sales and Marketing challenges inside of private, b2b companies.

Available Presentations


Strengthening the CEO-Customer Relationship: The Hidden Mechanics of B2B Marketing

For CEOs and their management teams who need a better understanding of marketing's role in a private b2b business. We explore the unique challenges of b2b marketing and selling and how to bring your customer

Online Marketing

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization: What CEOs Need to Know

There is a lot of misinformation on the market about how to get your website top rankings on Google. This presentation debunks some myths and prioritizes the steps a CEO should implement to see significant search engine results.

Rekindling Existing Business Relationships with Email Marketing

An established b2b company will have hundreds or thousands of relationships in its CRM system, but most fail to adequately communicate with these "cold" or"warm" prospects. This talk explores how email can provide a way to automate the process.

I had the rare privilege of traveling with Michelangelo to India couple of years ago. He delivered several workshops for the Academy for Chief Executives. He was extremely well received and one of the companies’ who attended the workshop engaged his firm. From my personal perspective, I have heard him here in USA several times. What he brings to the table in the area of marketing is exceptional. I attribute 1,600% growth in MangoTree’s Assets under Management to his teachings.

Rakesh Bhargava | Chairman
The Academy of Chief Executives

Where has The Cornucopia Group Spoken?

The Cornucopia Group’s unique framework and methods have been presented to prestigious organizations large and small.

The Academy of Chief Executives New Delhi, Pune, Goa, Tiriputi, Hyderabad and Indore, India
The Academy of Chief Executives New York, NY
Vistage International Pittsburgh, PA
CEO Clubs Baltimore, MD
The International Conference on Complexity in Acute Illness Long Beach, CA
CEO Clubs Boston, MA
CEO Clubs Dallas, TX
The CEO Forum of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
CEO Clubs New York, NY
The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh, PA
Tudi Mechanical Annual Sales Team Summit Wheeling, WV
The Brain Trust Atlanta, GA

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