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Find Out How Knowledge Capitalism Helps Under-Performing Businesses Achieve Results

Maybe you’re running a business that has seen better days. Or perhaps you are at a loss for what is wrong. You’re delivering a great service, your customers are happy, you have good people and your reputation is solid. And yet you aren’t making the kind of money you expectIn some cases, your business has gone from being an asset to a liability, literally and figuratively.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I’m busting my ass in this business, what gives?” you are not alone.

Many entrepreneurs started their own businesses because they were talented professionals of one type or another. They started their venture with big dreams… some professional, some personal.

Somewhere along the line those lofty goals crashed to earth in a fiery blaze of reality. Welcome to the club.

After spending 15 years consulting to privately-held businesses, The Cornucopia Group shifted from charging big dollars for big results to investing our own Knowledge Capital in businesses with great potential. Our ideal partner is strong in certain aspects of their business but needs our system to pull it all together.

Our Promise to You

We engage new partners in an equity-for-performance arrangement.  However, if we don’t help you achieve your dreams, there is no cost to you. Once we strike a deal, the risk is ours to make your business a highly functional and prosperous venture.

Success Stories speak for themselves

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