The Natural Path From SMB CEO Consultant to Knowledge Capitalist

Helping Other Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams Has Always Been Michelangelo Celli’s Mission

Celli is the founder and president of The Cornucopia Group, a consultancy that has taught thousands of CEOs how to seize control of their marketing through systems-based thinking. After years of working for clients, sharing his expertise to help them create demand and grow their businesses he now takes a different approach— and role— as an investor – but with the same goal in mind. Help others achieve their dreams by optimizing their business system performance.

Celli now works with select business owners in an equity or other performance based arrangement instead of the normal consultant for hire. By applying an approach he calls Knowledge Capitalism he essentially partners with others, bringing vast knowledge and a track record of success to bear on underperforming businesses to not only generate a return on the effort that has been put in, but to offer a return on part or all of their dream.

Celli’s ideas have appeared in MarketingProfs, CEO Refresher, Emerald Insight, and more. He has traveled the world presenting his innovative theories to The Academy of Chief Executive Officers, The CEO Clubs, Vistage International, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and the MIT Forum.

Now, after 15 years of work, he has the privilege of aligning all of his creative interests by re-designing his own business to apply his innovated ideas, and theories surrounding organizational transformation to companies he invests in.

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