For years, The Cornucopia Group has helped individuals achieve their dreams through the power of entrepreneurship

From talented artists and lawyers to HVAC professionals, manufacturers and B2B service professionals, their dreams have been as different as the people holding them. Our belief that each of us can be an agent of change if given the opportunity drives our work with clients.

By helping others who have a passion for excellence build successful and sustainable business ventures we help them achieve those dreams. We help release their full potential to do what they do best and in doing so leave an indelible mark on the many lives our clients touch.

Performance cellist and single mom gains US citizenship and achieves her dream of opening a cello academy

Olga Redkina, cellist, soloist and instructor

Olga Redkina moved to the United States hoping for a better life for her and her son. As a gifted concert cellist, Redkina had played the world over, traveling regularly from her native Russia to the US where she knew she would one day settle. Life’s twists and turns brought her to this country, but at a price. She found herself struggling to make ends meet, working various jobs outside of the world of music.

But she never gave up on her dream to teach others the instrument she loved. And her dream to become a US citizen.

After beginning to work with The Cornucopia Group, she achieved both. As the founder & CEO of she now teaches cellists from more than 40 countries the world over through more than 500 video lessons, while also tutoring a handful of talented cellists, one on one. All through the internet and from her home studio.

“Today, I am living my own American dream by sharing my passion through online cello lessons and solo performances.” – Olga Redkina

“The American Dream. As of 15min ago she is the owner of her own corporation. Entrepreneurs fuel the American economy with jobs protecting our communities and way of life. Olga has broken through every ceiling put in her way as a foreign immigrant, woman, and single mother to push the future of music education and inspire the dreams of young people. I applaud her achievement. I am grateful for… and admire the example she makes for us all. This is a great day for her and I wanted to share it with her friends. It will not be from looking to a past that never truly existed that was somehow magically free of struggle that we will move forward. Rather it is by following those who have embraced their struggles and prevailed over them not at the expense of others but by furthering their lives. Olga is a stellar example of how things can be made to be greater than they have ever been one note at a time.”
– Michelangelo Celli, Statement after signing documents of incorporation for Olga Redkina, Inc.

Bulgarian Artist Achieves His Dream of Seeing His Work Exhibited in the USA

Michelangelo Celli with Artist Anastas Konstantinov

In the wake of the cold war in a communist influenced Bulgaria a man flew an American flag above his home’s door. This rebel, a talented artist with a larger than life personality loved the idea of freedom… and the icon of this concept, America.

His zest for life won him many friends, but his worldview and spirited fight for freedom through his art often threatened the politically connected status quo. He was routinely kicked out of restaurants and bars and hotels owned by the powerful. But Anastas Konstantinov held onto his dreams. He kept painting and creating.

His unique work colored by the times in which he lived was a light that would not be held in shadows. The grit and tension of his own experiences laid bare on each new canvas. And so it continued year after year, until one day the Soviet Union collapsed. And with it the communist party’s stranglehold grip on his beloved Bulgaria. Even as Anastas celebrated his countrymen’s newfound hope for freedom, he fostered a new dream. He believed he would one day see his paintings hanging in famous American art galleries and museums.

When Michelangelo Celli boarded a plane for an extended speaking circuit throughout Europe and Asia sponsored by the Academy of Chief Executive Officers, one of his stops was in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, one of the world’s oldest cities. He attended an event put on by the sponsors of his trip in an art gallery attached to Anastas’ home.

“I saw these paintings and they just blew me away. I had never seen anything like this.” explained Michelangelo.

“I bought 4 paintings on the spot and asked about the artist who had painted them.”

A year later, Michelangelo was invited to one of Anastas’ exhibitions, where he got to know the artist personally. The two hit it off immediately, even with the language barrier, and Michelangelo learned of Anastas’ dream to see his paintings in the USA.

“I became as passionate about this as he was. I felt compelled to help him realize his dream,” Michelangelo said.

And so the Anastas US Project was born.

While it took years of effort, eventually Anastas’ work began to be shown in exhibitions such as ArtMiami and Select Fair in NYC. And as his work travelled across the Atlantic, this interest had an impact on his reach in Europe as well, with invites to exhibit from galleries in Paris and Germany.

While Michelangelo traveled back and forth to Bulgaria he came to realize that not only was he helping this talented artist achieve his dream, but he himself was learning and growing as a consequence.

“I really came to appreciate the opportunities we have in our country. It is extremely hard to be an entrepreneur there.”

“Plus, I never met anyone so determined to be a free man. He inspired me with the way he lived, to never have a sad life.”

Bob Tudi and Michelangelo Celli 

HVAC solutions owner sets out to change the perception of his industry

When Bob Tudi was starting out in HVAC with a pickup truck and a few thousand dollars in savings, he didn’t yet realize how much he wanted to change the public’s perception of the trades.

But as his business grew and Bob rubbed shoulders with other professionals like doctors and architects, he realized the importance of raising the status of his industry. But he could only do that if he could grow his business and continue to achieve higher levels of success. And grow he did. He built a business to $6 million in revenue. A great achievement by any measure. But Bob wasn’t content, especially when his business had a dip in its sales revenue one year. Bob signed up to attend a seminar on business growth put on by Michelangelo Celli and The Cornucopia Group, hoping to learn what he needed to do to take his business to the next level.

Michelangelo’s message resonated with Bob and the two sat down to see if there was a mutual fit. As Michelangelo described Bob’s need to redesign his complex B2B sales process and put in place a systemic way to generate leads and revenue, Bob knew he had found his answer.

And so over the next few years, Michelangelo and his team began to replace the hodgepodge of sales and marketing with a well-defined and designed system around which Tudi could grow a sustainable business.

Bob’s business philosophy of “giving more than you take” was evident in the culture he had created amongst his employees. By combining this outlook with Michelangelo’s approach, Bob has been able to unlock the full potential of his business.

The business grew and grew and grew some more. Today, Tudi Mechanical does $35 million in sales with locations in Pittsburgh, Pa and Tampa, Fl. Michelangelo continues to provide guidance and advice to ensure that Bob’s business continues to adapt. In doing so, Bob has elevated the technician from mechanic to highly trained and knowledgeable climate specialist.

B2B Services Owner Loses His Stress and Gets His Life Back

At Smart Systems Technology we want to be great for our clients, our people, and our partners.  We are one of the world’s first organic social productivity organisms and process manufacturers.  Communication is how we win.  No one of us is as smart as all of us.  We are designed as a learning and development business that helps is people stop working for a wage and start working for a return on their dreams.  Universal B2B Sales Support.

Defense Attorney Goes From Winning Cases to Winning at Life

“Inspired Performance saved my life.” – Attorney K.J.M.

Revenue increase of 400% year over year in less than 10 months (2016-2017).

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